Western Iowa Pioneer
Cemetery Association
Summer of 2014 - WIPCA Projects
Our goal this summer is to do condition reports on the pioneer cemeteries in Harrison County and Shelby
County.   This summer would be a good time for all members to work on this project.  WIPCA members
can work as one large group on our monthly scheduled work days or individual persons/groups may work
on a cemetery when the time is convenient for you.

For those members that are up to a challenge think about creating a cemetery map for the pioneer
cemetery you are working on.  Many of the pioneer cemeteries in our area no longer have available
cemetery maps, it would be great if we could get these updated and put in our files.

If you plan on doing a condition report on a cemetery please let one of the WIPCA officers know so that we
don't have duplicate paperwork.   Please be sure to use our WIPCA project sheets below so that we all are
gathering the same information.

WIPCA Condition Report
WIPCA Project Sheet
Cemetery Mapping Tips